Mini Nykaa Haul│Skincare x Makeup

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My Nykaa Order

Nykaa Order

Rimmel Tonal Blush
Faces Hydro Cleanser
Lakme 9 to 5 black liner
Maybelline Glitter Mania 

Hello my lovelies!

It is 18:00 here and what a lovely day it had been. We were out and about today whilst it was drizzling in my town, but listening to Miranda Lambert all the way I actually didn’t mind it at all (giving that I’m not a massive rain person). How was your Sunday? And if it just began, have a great one!

I ordered stuff from Nykaa that I just didn’t get time to share with you all, even though I was particularly busy haha so I’ll just put it up in this post. I had heard a lot about the Rimmel Tonal Blush, which is basically matte blush with three shades. I have it in the shade Winter Glow (004) and it’s a lovely plumish shade that strangely suits my skin. It blends well, looks pretty and doesn’t have a granule of shimmer so I’d say it’s a sweet feeling to own it. Oh and did I mention what a throwaway rate of 299INR I got this for? Braganius!

The next is the Faces Hydro Cleanser that I absolutely love and adore. It’s such a cute one with a pump (God bless Faces for that) so handy and easy to use. Just as fresh it makes my face feel, it also hydrates it and makes it feel clean. In other news, I got the Lakme liner which is really well pigmented and stays put perfectly without smudging or fading. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting this liner to be that great for that cheap, so be it that you have shopped in or out of budget, you will definitely love it.

I also got the Maybelline Glitter Polish in Paparazzi  Purple (606) and oh my my, it such a lovely shade! I have been wearing it to school so kids stare it all the while I’m trying to dance with them or we’re out on the swings. Got to love glitter when you are 3, eh?

Just in case you wanted to see how it actually looked

Just in case you wanted to see how it actually looked

Have you used any of these? Happy Sunday x

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