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Novel Wet Wipes in MuskL’oreal Dermo-Expertise makeup removerFaces Hydro CleanserNatio Young TonerFab India Tea Tree TonerFab India Eye CreamLakme Peach MoisturizerNatio Young MoisturizerVaseline Total Moisture│The Body Shop Lip Balm

Hello my lovelies!

I wanted to start off by saying I stalk the ‘skincare’ tag on every social media but it’s not quite ‘lovely’ to begin like that; I mean I’m a pretty decent onliner…(until I come across something I’d go cray for). So rather I want to say- I love reading people’s skincare routine and discover a product or two.  I find this kind of post really helpful and fun, and nothing satisfies a nosey persons’ fancy like these do aha!

To begin with, I don’t have a very seasoned skincare routine because I have always been inclined to make-up more (can’t hate a girl for that). The first thing that I have and I reach for the most is the Novel wet face wipes which are really gentle on the skin with not too much of that moist feel. These take off the makeup like a dream and leave the face feeling much fresh. I use this just as soon as I get back home from work. If I have used waterproof mascara that just won’t budge, I would use the L’oreal Dermo-Expertise makeup remover, but frankly it just makes my face feel too oily and I use it that much. What I use next is the Faces hydro cleanser, which is a recent buy but my skin loves it. It’s very hydrating and instantly makes my face look a lot more alive. I then tone my face depending on the mood of my skin; sometimes I would use the Natio one if my skin is feeling too grubby and dry or I would use the Fab India one when my skin feels oily. I put the eye cream next; I have been using the Fab India under eye cream. I have really dry eyes (like really dry) and it is very moisturizing. It would not work on dark circles or puffiness but it is thick, though it absorbs really well, and hydrates the under eye area. I use the peach moisturizer by Lakme and then trap that in the Natio moisturizer, works really well for me. I have also been using the Vaseline body lotion because nothing recovers my dry skin quite like this rascal. Plus it has been a product I had been hooked on since childhood. The last thing is the Body Shop lipbalm. I have a lip balm in every bag I own and I keep leaving one everywhere, so this was the one on the bedside table and it’s lovely on lips.

So this is all that I use really; it’s not much but my skin is doing pretty alright. If there’s anything that you would recommend (I know some of you gals would be saying this one really needs to know what skincare means and would be making a mental list of what I need in life), so I would love to know the products you vouch on. Also, if there is anything special that you have been loving skincare wise, pour me with the details, I would like to read about it.

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3 thoughts on “Bedside Items

  1. I have been really loving the CeraVe foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin. I just started using it a few days ago and can already tell a difference in how my skin looks. If you have anything specific you want to target on your skin, you might want to consider adding a serum. They are your powerhouse products, that target your skin concerns.


  2. The Dr. Brandy overnight brightening serum is amazing. I have been using it three times a week and have noticed a real difference in my skin. It promotes new skin growth so works as a brightening, helps breakout and anti aging.


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