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Hello my lovelies!

I was tagged by Natalie from Natalie’s Mostly Disney Blog and by Jessica from Just a Hint of for this award, so thank you gorgeous 🙂 You definitely need to check out their blogs, they’re worth a follow. I really love all these awards as the whole community comes together to appreciate fellow bloggers, how very lovely! So onto this;


1.Thank the person who has nominated you, linking back to their site.

2.Put the award logo on your blog post.

3.Answer the ten questions they have sent you.

4.Nomiate 10 bloggers.

5.Make up 10 questions for your nominees to answer.


The Questions that Natalie asked me;

1.Do you have any hobbies besides blogging?

I really love reading, that is what you’ll find me doing if I’m not blogging (…and I also love to procrastinate, eat, keep on saving wish lists on different websites, but that doesn’t look that good)

2.What makeup product can you not live without?

Mascaras! These are the only products that I have loads of and just cannot part with.

3.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Ooh that’s a difficult one. I’d say starting my own blog (for as far as I can remember) has been one of the best things that have happened with me.

4.What is your favorite TV show?

I am not much into TV (actually I’m not at all), so sorry to sound so boring but I don’t have a favorite TV show.

5.Where is favorite place to go on vacation?

 Ugh I’m such a travel bug and deciding one is difficult. But I’d say Rajasthan; I’ve been there once and I’d love to go again.

6.What is your favorite Disney movie?

There are so many that it would be cheating to pick just one. I’d say Ratatouille, because it was coming today and I just really love it.

7.How long have you been blogging?

Almost 8 months now. Wow.

8.What makes you happy in life?

I’d say when people motivate each other and spread positive energy, it’s just the best. I really love when people have good to say for someone’s work or anything, and it just makes me feel so warm.

9.What are your fears?

Swimming pools. A-ah- because I can’t swim, b- I feel there’s a shark or a flesh-eating piranhas. 

10.What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

I recall I had this dream when I was 10 that my family members turned into zombies and were trying to kill me, it left me feeling insecure for two days. I mean, what do I say, I’m very imaginative.


Questions that Jessica asked me;

1. What is your best childhood memory?

My mum and I used to go camping each year and I loved it. We still do this and as a child I felt that sense of adventure being with mum and camping.
2. How would you describe your fashion style?

Miss-matched, I’d say.
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New York, I don’t even have to think.
4. Are you a morning or night person, and why?

None. I’m an evening person because I just feel everything is perfect at that time.

5. Describe your home decor style.

I don’t know really; home decor is the last thing that bothers me.
6. What is your favorite food?

I love Indian food (obviously) but I love anything sweet and I can have that as a course meal.
7.)  Besides blogging, what is another hobby you love?

I love reading, like I mentioned earlier.
8.)  If you were a color, what would it be?

I’d be blue with hint of peach as well (I know that might be a weird combination but these two colors are my fave)
9.)  What is the top item on your bucket list?

A Victoria Secret’s Hand Cream.
10.)  Share with us one thing (or more if you’d like!) unique about you.

I…can sing…without sounding like a dying cat.


I nominate every single one of you who is reading this, you guys truly deserve it. You can say that I nominated you for this and leave me your links if you do this; I’d love to read your answers.

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