Product Review│AuraVedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

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Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

Hello my lovelies!

In my last Website Review I mentioned buying this from (you can check that post later if you wish). Before this, I had never gone with a skin polish and if I be blunt, I did not even know what that was. Sorry, I had been living under the rock for a pretty long time. Having read all my favorite bloggers talk about skin polishes and ‘pampering’, one of this was lying in my wish list for a while. A skin polish is basically an exfoliater with mild granules that help remove dead skin. And this does a darn good job.

Aura Vedic Skin Polish with Amla Tamarind

AuraVedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

For eighteen years of my being, I had only gone through scrubs and I’m not too fond of those bastards, reason being that I have an über sensitive skin (I’m jealous of all the girls with good skin who can put whatever product they like and never have to gray their hair thinking about breakouts or rashes). Scrubbing my face always left me with redness all over and I dreaded looking at myself for a fat five minutes *end of flashback*. Having found this skin polish/exfoliater by Aura Vedic was good news for my face. This exfoliater is my new bestie for being very gentle on the skin and leaving it feeling supple and glowy.

Aura Vedic Skin Polish

 It leaves a dewy look on the face. My face looks fresh and much bright, and super soft to touch. It leaves me wanting to go with the French way of greeting by kissing on the cheek after getting the exfoliation done, aha! It has Amla Tamarind and it sure smells like it, not in a bad way at all. It does make the skin feel clean but I cannot guarantee about the whitening part, as I haven’t felt that. What’s more to it is that it is very reasonably priced and I’d rather spend on an exfoliater for the rest of my life than ever own a scrub. You can buy it here.

Aura Vedic Skin Polish Pure Brightening Review

Price: 300INR for 200gm




Makes skin glow

Removes dirt, makeup and dead skin

Great for sensitive skin

Great for people with normal to dry skin

Sturdy tub packaging


Easy online availability


People with oily skin might not prefer it as it acts like a moisturizer, leaving the skin feeling tad greasy

Overall, I really like it and I would definitely be going to try more skin polishes now. New addiction, if you may.

Have you ever tried a skin polish/exfoliater? How do you like it?

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4 thoughts on “Product Review│AuraVedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

  1. I am a huge fan of exfoliation. I recently got one from OZ Naturals – I was really impressed with it (I did a post). It feels abrasive but in reality, it didn’t leave my skin red at all. I even went as far as posting a no makeup selfie (GASP!) but I really wanted to show people how lovely it was. I’m going to be trying another one soon from a company called La Isha Beauty and I’m excited to try and share.


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