Motivational MondayǁYou Can Do It!

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Hello my lovelies!

I love reading Motivational Monday posts and for a long time was contemplating to start one on my own blog so that anyone who needs it, can feed on it. After all, it’s positivity that pushes us forward, yea? You might have just woken up or going to bed, considering my words are not limited to one country, I’ll just ask you to read this (because it’s not too long anyway haha). I’d love us to be this big weird family that supports each other even if we have never met each other, and help spread the love and encouragement. Power of Internet, yayy!

Butterfly quote


I found this picture floating around and knew it in the instant that I had to share it with you folks. I am a sucker for quotes and if you ever see my picture gallery, you’ll find a whole beehive of thoughtful quotes that I save just if I (or a friend) might need it to feel alright.

Our dreams define us but most often we don’t get the courage to pursue them. And I know I’m not the only one who gone through the suffocation of wanting to do something but not being able to do it for one odd reason. We have all had our fair share of that and feel that what difference would a second attempt make. What if the second attempt is all that it takes to break the hiatus; maybe we end up being where we wish to be. Well frankly, I believe that our lives are one big series of ‘maybe’s and ‘what if’s and really, what if it just swings your way?

You have taken all the ‘no’s you, so don’t be afraid.  Don’t be daunted. Be strong and if not for anyone else, do it for your heart’s satisfaction. Do it for your own self. You wings are ready to take a flight, don’t hold them back.

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