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Apparently, you all loved my last website review a lot and I thought I should probably take on another one so you could discover this rad website that I had the pleasure of knowing for over a year now. Limeroad is a fashion site and a very unique one at that. They contacted me, asking if I would like to do a review for them and I might or might not have done a happy dance, I can’t promise. This going to be a tab bit longer post than usual, so go make some tea (or lemonade if you are like me) before you start reading.


Limeroad is an Indian online shopping site for women. It also has a crazy amazing app in the app store that is as light as 2.30mb and works just perfect. You can make your account and let the entertainment begin. I have been shopping on the app and really love it; the app offers loads of fun things to do like sharing content, following people and liking their feed. However the thing I love the most are scrapbooks. You can create scarps by teaming up your favorite outfit with the matching shoes, jewelry, bag or whatever you like and save it. It not only looks cool but also gives inspiration to others to buy an outfit like that. app

What I also like it that when you ‘like’ and item or scarp, it goes to your profile that you can then directly buy or just let be. Your profile has an option of ‘Feed’ that shows the activity of people you follow, items your viewed, etc. In short, if you like an item, you can always come back to it without bothering to have lost it or going all the way through the categories to find it again.

Limeroad India App

Talking about categories, Limeroad offers over 200,000+ products ranging from clothes, accessories, footwear, bags, home and kitchen. The feeds keep on being updated after every 30secs so you’ll never be tired of this app. You can choose the payment as COD (cash on delivery), Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.

So these guys gave me 500 Limeroad Credits to shop with but there was some sort of technical glitch and it wasn’t applying in my cart unless I bought something worth 1000INR. Bummer. But being the girl I am, shopping is never a problem and after three hours when I decided what I wanted, my cart was already worth 1170INR haha. So these are the things I got myself.

White and Pink Floral Top

cute floral summer top

How could I not? This top is pretty self explanatory and I couldn’t resist the urge of getting my hands on it the moment I saw it. The stuff is very soft to touch and very pleasant to look at. It quite light weight and comfy, and just what I needed this summers. Insert Cheshire cat smile.

Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Skin Polish

Exfoliaters help removing the dead skin and since scrubs are a little harsh on skin, these are perfect for that job. This is a very gentle exfoliater for sensitive skin. I have used it once so far and I really love it. I will be writing a review soon.

White Crop Top with Floral Print

Cute floral crop top india

This is a very cute full sleeves crop top and I just can’t wait to wear it out. The material is a soft and comfortable, but not something I’d suggest wearing during the day. I just like it better that way. 🙂

Has anyone of you have tried Limeroad? How was your experience?

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5 thoughts on “Website Review│

  1. One problem
    Cant log out of the app or unscubcribe from the mailing service
    Its so annoying since they dont deliver to my pincode
    And the website is of no use to me ?
    Do u know how i can get off this


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