5 Best Mobile Photo Editing App

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I had been meaning to put this post early but my internet was crappy (true story). In my last photography tutorial, I mentioned talking about photo editing app next (and then completely forgot about it haha). You all must have seen perfect Instagram pictures of people that look studio ready and something we all envy. While everyone has their own style, it’s always a plus to know more editing apps that can help make your picture look more presentable. These are the apps that I have used and found user friendly, hopefully it might benefit some of you. Here we go!



Before I started using it, I just didn’t get what the hype was. Everyone was talking about it and then I thought maybe I should try it myself, and boy was I impressed. I really love this for the minimalistic look it gives to my pictures. You can check out my Instagram to see how this actually is. You have different filters to feed your pictures need for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and a community itself where you can post your pictures for others to see as well. Apart from that, it is great for blog pictures as well. Love it!

Studio Design

Studio designs app

This app is an amazing tool to go cray with and experiment as it has over 500 different fonts, colors, shapes and other cool things. It helps you create your own designs. And just if you need it, you can also browse through the online community for the photo inspiration.

Pixlr Express


This is, I think, the first app I ever used and had loved it since. You can work both online and offline on this app, be it from your phone or PC. It has loads of different filter, layers, frames, customization options and fonts to choose from. It is the most user friendly app that there is and this cannot disappoint you. Ever. 🙂

Rhonna Designs


This is such a boon for not only your smart phone or tablet, but also your PC. It offers a tools to adjust the transparency, color, shadows, texts and many more other features. This can not only be your social network picture savior but also something for your blog.



This app is best for using any size picture without having to ever crop it for your Instagram. It has different filters, backgrounds, fonts and clipart for you to have fun with. I use it in all my pictures on Instagram and it takes quite less space on the phone as well. Win Win!

So these were the 5 apps that I use and love the most. I feel right filters immediately make the image more attractive, and now you have quite a few to try out. I would also love to hear which app you use to edit your pictures so maybe I can discover a new one myself

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