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The last photography tutorial I posted was taken from my DSLR and it was after that I realized that people who use camera just for their blogs do not necessarily use something that expensive. Most people I read blogs of take pictures from either their phones or their digicams. I have been meaning to post this sooner so I could help anyone out there who uses a digicam to take pictures for their blog, be it a beauty blog or not. Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’m not asking you to ape my style, no. I really love taking pictures this way as they come a lot cleaner in my perspective. You can, however, do it your way because it is all about what suits you and your blog, and brings out your style.

taking pictures with digi cam

I am using a Canon Powershot A2500 in this post. This has been a faithful camera that lasts me good and is pretty decent for blog photography as well. It takes 250-300 shots and can work up to two hours straight when fully charged. I like this small sidekick that fits in perfectly, is lightweight and has 16.0 megapixels.


This is the first thing to keep in mind as soon as you set out to take picture with your digicam. The composition is what matters the most because you have to put the best side of the product front. The good thing about these cameras is that they have an inbuilt auto-focus; you just need to click the picture while the camera would focus itself for you. The quality is already set for you as well, since this does not have a ‘raw shoot mode’, so that’s another thing eliminated.

maybelline bb cream for sensitive skin

maybelline BB cream

maybelline BB cream with photography

These pictures are all taken from different angles and that is so you can later choose whichever angle you feel the picture looks best in. Try to go as near as you can to the object, then go far to find a good composition for your product but try to avoid zooming. In future posts I’ll talk about guidelines such as the Rule of Thirds, Magic Hour, Catchlights, etc. but I think for the beginners that isn’t a subject to be touched just yet.


I generally don’t play with backgrounds and if you have been with me for a while, you’ll know all my pictures are taken against the good ol’ white sheets. However, you can be as colorful and creative as you can be with your background.

Background composition

neck piece

I used a yellow sheet (the only one that was within reach) to make that the base. The first image was strayed and picked up the table I had placed it on. It looked really bland and unattractive, distracting the eyes, compared to the second one where the only thing the eyes will land on is the neck piece. Again, the camera focused itself so the only thing I did was find an angle to shoot so the background was the pleasing.

Avoid Flash

You cannot control the intensity of flash in your digicams so try to avoid using them as much as you can, especially for blog pictures. All these pictures were taken near the window that had fair amount of natural light flooding in so there was no need of artificial lights to balance. This is my suggestion to everyone who takes pictures with Digicam: try to keep your shooting in the day light as you would have to use flash at night. Try to take pictures near window and avoid flashes as they cast a very unnatural glow on your picture.

fash photogrphy

tea tree toner by Fab India

In the first picture, there is a very distracting glow reflecting back from the sheet, making the image looks duller. The second one is much more in harmony and looks pretty decent.

I hope you enjoyed this post and this was of any help to you. Of course you do not have to just stick to it and I would encourage you to experiment with your pictures, but this was my way of saying that digicams are good source of pretty pictures as well and you do not necessarily need to spend lots of thousands in a DSLR. I will talk about best editing apps and filters but that’s for another time, so let me know if you would interested for a post like that.

Be back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Photography with Digicam

  1. In a world where DSLRs have become dominant, and digicams are seen as amateurish, its good to see someone prove the notions wrong. Good job here! Congrats on making it to the Baggout list of top photogs 🙂


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