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This post has been sitting for ages as a draft on my laptop; going for camping for a whole week has got things piling up for me. I generally do not review websites purely because they pretty much strike me the same. However, I was quite excited to discover Aplava (pronounced as aap-luv, I searched) because it stocks brands that aren’t available, particularly in a small town like Dehradun. The site is still in its primes so you’ll have to be patient with it, nonetheless it stocks products luxury brands such as Temple Spa, Ren, Dr Lipp, Kent (makeup brushes), etc.

When I was asked to do a review, I really thought this was going to be a basic, your regular beauty website. But mama I was wrong! When these guys say they are ‘beauty and wellness enthusiasts’, they mean it damn right. The website is easy to browse and gives you a lot of recommendation and shows a display of products from Top Selling to Products on Sale. You can also get your beauty score which will present you tailor made items that will best suit your skin type. Once you make your account, you earn points for shopping that you can redeem later which checking out. What is more, is that this site is not just for ladies but also has brands for men and babies, so basically they are looking out for everyone. Aplava is easily navigable and has a variety to select from, with COD (cash on delivery) and Credit Card payment option. You can also but gift cards from the site.

I received the package on the 1st of June when the order was placed on the 29th for me. So basically, I spent no time waiting. Also, can we take some time to appreciate the lovely packaging?

Rosemoore scented candle online

What I loved the most are the scented candles. Now, I haven’t found many good scented candles online and Aplava has a healthy stock of Rosemoore and Deco Aro. I wouldn’t start talking about my affair with candles that I am addicted to and steal sniffs even if I haven’t lighted them. Sometimes I feel like there’s a 50year soul living in my body, so don’t mind if I start posting sewing tutorials, gardening tips or other such posts. It’s better to give a head start, y’know! These are the scented tea light candles and beautiful as they are, they are quite a darling pieces on my work table now.

Natio Eye Cream Online

The other product that came with the package was Natio Renew Radiance Eye Cream that brightens eye contour area with Pomegranate Vitamin C. I treat Natio as Australian version of The Body Shop for it being organic and just as subtle on skin. This cream instantly brightens under eye as it contains very tiny shimmer particles though they aren’t too noticeable. I use it under my creams and my eyes look much better.

You should definitely give Aplava a go if you’ve been meaning to indulge in an online shopping spree. You’ll enjoy it there.

What is on your wish list (I’m just so nosy)?

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