Product Recommendation│My top 3 Lip-Balms

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Winter is a story on its own but I feel my lips are nothing better in Summer itself. My lips become really dry and chapped, and because I have an idle habit of biting my lips, more often than not I just have blood clots which are hideous to look at. I really love collecting lip balms and it is one thing that I cannot live without. I have been collecting them since I was in 9th grade and lets just say I have a fair amount of them now. And so, here are my favorite three that I love to the moon and back.

Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry by Maybelline (150INR)

Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry Lip Balm

There is nothing that can beat this one; it is super moisturizing, tastes amazing and is affordable. I really love this particular one and have repurchased this since 2012. It gives such a beautiful gloss to the lips making them look natural and plump.

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick by The Body Shop (300INR)

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick by The Body Shop

Having this is like having a permanent taste of chocolate on your lips. It gives a nice sheen to the lips and I love wearing this overnight to have a set of healthy lips by morning. Now that I am travelling for a few days, I would be carrying this for a better lip care.

Mixed Fruits by Eeshha Herbal (80INR)

Eeshha Herbal Mixed Fruit Lip Balm

This is quite affordable lip balm and tastes great. It has fruit extracts and kokum butter, kind of reminds me like Avon lipbalms back from the days, only cheaper. It is really great if you are a fan of tub lipbalms and smells incredible as well. I enjoy using this and though I have many tub balms, this one is the one I reach frequently.

Which is your favorite lipbalm?

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