50 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

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Hello my lovelies!

Blogging is tricky, especially if you are a daily or even a frequent blogger because you have to keep on experimenting to come up with new posts. I love penning down ideas, as and when I come across new ones because it is fun to do these posts. I thought I’ll pass these to you as well for if you might be undergoing the gruesome writer’s blog, this might help you. You’re welcome!

  1. DIY and Tutorials
  2. Review something, like a book, movie, product, etc.
  3. OOTD (Outfit of the day)/NOTD (Nails of the Day)/POTD (Photo of the day), etc. post
  4. Recommend something to your readers, i.e, new restaurant, photo editing app, a beauty product, etc.
  5. What’s in your Bag!
  6. Take ‘A Picture an hour’ challenge
  7. How do you deal with stress/things you do when you are stressed
  8. Makeup tutorial using only high end/drugstore makeup
  9. Celebrity inspired look-book
  10. Share your person tips for grooming
  11. Leave for shopping with specific amount and blog about all you bought
  12. Quote Post
  13. Do a Tag, there are a lot that you might see your fellow bloggers doing so do one for fun
  14. Interview an artist or a fellow blogger
  15. Haul Posts (My favorite!)
  16. Host a Q&A
  17. Your Blogging Bloopers, for example how you started and how it ended
  18. Makeup Disasters
  19. A list of your Favorite Bloggers
  20. Do an outfit post wearing your friends clothes, or have your friend chose your outfit
  21. Photography Tips
  22. Your Bedside Essentials
  23. Bathroom Cabinet Contents
  24. Someone doing your makeup
  25. Something that you learned from your partner/someone close to you
  26. Things you have been loving/hating this season
  27. Your skincare routine (I love reading these posts)
  28. Travel bag essentials
  29. Someday Summary: describe your day, use lots of pictures
  30. Save, Spend or Splurge post
  31. How to get ready in 10mins for office/grocery shopping/movie/walk in a park, etc.
  32. Skincare Products Compare
  33. 5 Worst products
  34. What is your writing process
  35. Things that You just cannot live without
  36. Easy Makeup Fix-Ups
  37. Simple tricks of makeup
  38. There is nothing better than…
  39. Instagram Roundup of Your picture
  40. Do a ‘How to Organize…’ post
  41. Write about this month’s empties
  42. Top 5 perfumes that you would recommend
  43. Before and After post
  44. Drugstore brand haul post
  45. Discuss current fashion trends
  46. Write about Your hobbies
  47. Back to school for makeup/fashion/school supplies, etc.
  48. Seasonal/Holiday inspiration
  49. Your blogging tips or what you have learned having a blog of your own
  50. Your beauty/fashion/home ware wish list

Which one of these would you be blogging next?

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