Weekend Motivation ǁ Encouragement

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Hello my lovelies!

I have had those days of self doubt and dejection when I couldn’t focus on anything but the failure of my life, from the disappointing relationships to being a social outcast, to feeling all the loss I have ever had all at once. It is times like these that I struggle to feel human, to feel normal but my mind is such a torture machine, I tell you. However, recently I have been on a whole ‘cleanse’ mode of my brain and trying to ignore every crazy thought my mind bowls at my direction.

I want to write this for every single person who is struggling to feel better, do better or someone who just needs a push. You can do it. It is situations which crush You that will make You a stronger person. You can’t be dreading Your past because You can’t change it and You can’t be living in your future because it is always out of reach. I know what You are going through is way too much to bear and locking Yourself in a room and slapping the walls in frustration is all You can do at right now, but it is a sum of these moments that prepare You for even better things that will come your way. And let me assure you, they will come Your way. The sun will be brighter. You will get that job You so desperately seek, and You will receive that call from a friend who you haven’t spoken in a while. The flowers would be lovely and the breeze would brush past You gently. It might not happen tomorrow or even a month later, but let me assure You that it will happen nonetheless. If not for anyone, be stronger for You and don’t give up. You cannot let Your own self down, so do it for Yourself.

For what You have achieved, Congratulations, I am very proud of You. For what You are set out to achieve, good luck bub, You can do it!

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