Product Review│Garnier Oil-in-Cream

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Product Review Garnier Oil-in-Cream

Hello my lovelies!

Garnier sent me this gem of a product last week which is basically oil in the form of cream. My hair become disastrous as soon as I start straying from the routine even a tad bit and oiling is one method mum taught to have healthy hair. Oils are great and all but oils just stick very unfashionably. Sorry for the insult coconut oils, you didn’t smell all that great too anyway!

Product Review Garnier Oil-in-Cream

This product is genius with a healthy mix of almond, coconut and olive oil. If you have been with me for some time, Garnier also sent me their Fructis Triple Nutrition range that I also wrote about, and this cream is a part of that fab assortment. It is a handy plastic tube with a tight flip cap. It comes in three sizes: 50g, 100g and 200g and I have the one in 100g. I have always felt that if you are going to try something new for the very first time, it is wise to have a trial size first before diving in with the full size. I have a generous medium size which suits my hair best and is going to last me well.

Product Review Garnier Oil-in-Cream

It is very light on the hair so it feels as a leave in hair mask, just less thick. It is as light as a cream, which basically is what it is and when the first time I applied it I loved the feel of it. Unlike the oils which make the hair super greasy and heavy and sticky…and I can go on, this is just the opposite of all that. The application is really easy; just take some and massage well on your hair and scalp, and that will do the trick. Easy-peasy! It is light on hair, so you can see each hair single and smiling on your head 🙂

Product Review Garnier Oil-in-Cream

Price: 60INR for 100g


Hair instantly looks shiny and smooth

Softer hair

Light weight

Pleasant fragrance

Works like oil

Leaves hair supple after wash




Shows results after third time (be patient)

Overall, this product is my current holy grail as my hair feels more nourished and shiny than before. I am not quite sure if this has hit the market yet so keep an eye out because you don’t want to miss this rascal.

To know more visit Garnier’s website:
Or follow their official twitter handle: @GarnierIndia

Has this tempted you to try the Garnier oil-in-cream?

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5 thoughts on “Product Review│Garnier Oil-in-Cream

  1. This sounds nice. I use oils in my hair but they do take away my volume and I like big hair. I’ll need to check if this is available in the US. If so, no doubt, worth a try.

    Plus, your hair is gorgeous so I’m thinking you are doing things right!

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