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cat eyes tutorial

Hello my lovelies!

Cat eye, cat eye everywhere! I mean they are literally everywhere and women are rocking this look. I personally am quite a cat-eye lover but never could get the same which I saw my favorite celebs doing so this is my version of cat eyes.  It’s more of a flicked liner look than a classic straight cat eye, and I like this dramatic version better. I mean what can I say!

Loreal liner and rimmel mascara

 I am using the L’Orèal Blackbuster felt tip liner which is a bold marker liner and the Rimmel London sexy curves mascara for this look. I really love using these both together.easy and simple cat eyes tutorial

First step is to draw a rough line so you get a hang of where and how you want your liner to look.

how to do simple cat eyes

You can skip this if you ace at liner application but for beginners, I’d suggest you to follow this as you can always erase if you extend the liner way too much. Felt tip liner would be a great tool of practice so draw in the skeleton inside which you would fill your liner later.

easy and simple cat eye look

Step two-a is to fill the space when you are satisfied with the design.

cat eye look tutorial

Apply kohl on your waterline and wiggle your lashes with some mascara. Congratulations babe, you have a cat eye to flaunt!

Be back soon!

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