Ethnic Look Book│Dark Diety

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Indian Look Book

Indian Look Book

Indian Look Book

Indian Look Book

Pictures taken by Aniket Sharma

Hello my lovelies!

Can this be an official declaration that I am being noticed as a little fashion bunny over on the Internet, because fashion designer Soumya Ghildiyal contacted me two month ago, asking if I’d like to work with her on a little project. I was a uncertain at first but countless meetings and cupcakes later (which led to sugar rush haha), she shared six of her latest designs from her Indo-western ethic designer wear collection for me to shoot in and share with you all on my happy place, i.e., this blog (thought I’d make it clear). What I feel is more than animated.

This is the first dress that I was sent three weeks ago and oh my black! I had been too wound up with my exams to put a post, more so because I wanted the pictures to be perfect and not hurried. I finally got a hang of it and here I am flaunting this gorgeous. I love this kurta-cum-dress in croma silk which has flare and modern essence all at once. The neck is round with a golden zipper in front, which is just right for my liking. To top that is the beige short embroidered jacket that adds the charm. Not to forget the tapering of golden border at the foot and the way it undeniably graces the outfit.

This is one of the most beautiful outfits that I have come across, for it is simple, authentic and hands down- sexy! I am in love.

Be back soon!

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12 thoughts on “Ethnic Look Book│Dark Diety

  1. That dress is to die for! I haven’t seen anything like it before.
    Definitely unique, though I’m not sure a pale girl like me could pull it off, sigh.

    Franzi. I [ ]


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