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Eesha herbal skin care and bath products review

Hello my lovelies!

Anything with ‘Herbal’ mentioned immediately catches my attention and I feel the itch to try it. Eeshha Herbal contacted me a month back, briefing me with their company and asking if I’d be interested in trying out their products. Their products are all natural and not tested on animals.  Being a new company, I hadn’t heard of the brand before but the daring deity in me asked me to take a leap of faith (I cannot get over these cliché phrases, excuse my grammar). I finally received a package from them and everything in it has a heavy aroma of all things natural, from tea tree extracts and clove to mango and pineapple…you’ll know where this is going.

Ultra Sun Block and Moisturizing lotion

eesha herbal sun screen and moisturizer review

I took this out squealing and saying ‘Oh gosh, I need a sun block…oh and I need a lotion’. I am quite an excited soul! Both these come in a plastic tube with a tight lid. They are 60ml each and are super handy and would occupy less space in the handbag. The sun block is a water proof daily wear with SPF 50 (PA+++); it has mango and pineapple extract so now you know 😉 The moisturizing lotion is of SPF 20 (PA++) and has carrot and mint extract. While the sun block has a thick consistency and pea size amount is more than enough, moisturizing lotion is runnier in comparison. They are both from the Daily Whitening Shield range.

Face & Body Moisturizer and Mixed fruits Lip Balm

Eesha herbal body moisturiser and lip balm review

Mama, that moisturizer is just marvelous! It is cocoa moisturizer with algae extracts and almond oil. I used this before starting to write this post and my arms feel well moisturized and oh-so-soft! It has a strong cocoa smell but that wears off after a while so it’s not a head aching odor. The bottle is a simple and classic white plastic cap one with 100ml quantity, which is best for dry skin. My legs are in for a treat, aha! Next was this 10g tub lip balm which is the first thing I had pulled out and I was like, ‘oh my lipbalm, I sure am going to love this one’. It contains fruit extracts and kokum which claims to heal dry and chapped lips. Mmhmm, love it!

Face wash and Soap

Eesha herbal face wash and soap review

This is a detoxifying face wash with orange oil and algae extracts which is for all skin type. This contains small blue beads which I thought were the same as the scrub, but contradictory to that, these beads break down and dissolve making the skin feel spick and span 🙂 I really like this 100ml tube which has enough product to last me more than a month. And last is this Natural bathing bar with green tea and clove. I really love the concept of this as nowadays I am struggling with problematic skin; oily skin struggle, really. I am hoping this would do some magic, fingers crossed.

Which product tempted you?

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4 thoughts on “New in│Skincare x Bath

  1. Oh these products sound wonderful! The face wash, the soap… And the sun block!! I just had a spa flash experience reading! Living in Phoenix with the summer months approaching I need that sun block! Great post.

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