Things I’m Loving│Vol. 6

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things im loving vol. 6 by that weird girl official

Hiya my lovelies!

This is my 6th month of blogging, I can’t even believe. It started as a little something to now my everything (don’t pronounce it out loud; I can’t get over how cheesy it sounds myself). My blog is my aid for those sulky days where breathing would seem as though I am trying to conquer France. Not that I want to conquer France *nervous laugh*. But keeping all that aside, here are a few some things that I’m enjoying…

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Murakami

Blinding Willow, sleeping woman review

I pinched out every single second I could, shuffling between my finals and my blog, to read this book. It is genius. The author’s style is so unique and versatile that you can’t help but fall in love. Nonetheless, it is also a tricky read and you have to give it your full concentration to understand what’s truly happening as it is a collection of 24 short stories, some you’d love and some you wouldn’t understand truly. I started this book mainly because I thought I wouldn’t have to rush through it as novellas are easily finished than novels. It took me good four chapters to get into the feel of the book and then it became hard to put it down. These stories are intertwined with each other and some have an abrupt ending, predominantly because they don’t have an ending like how in John Green’s the Fault in Our Stars An Imperial Affliction ends without a real end. It leaves you thinking, a lot really, and that is the sweet torture that you’re mind will go through. They are more like something that is carrying no great weight but would mean the most to you when you read. Like one of the critique said, ‘It’s like watching a dream where everything is so fast paced that when you wake up it would make no sense yet you can’t stop thinking about it.’ This. This is what these short stories mean.

Nail Paints by Juice

juice nail paints

Oh gosh, I love these beauts! They are in shades 71 and 55 (the other day I got lipsticks and they were of the same number and some of my other nail paints as well. This number seems to be stuck with me hmm). They are very ‘summer’y and bright, and the packaging is just the best. The formulation is good, the application is so smooth and easy (because of that cute brush) and it dries almost instantly. This is my ideal polish this whole month around. At 100INR each, these were steals.

Nivea body lotion

Nivea Body Lotion  whitening cell repair

I usually don’t buy anything that has the word ‘whitening’ in it, especially because it makes me look very chalky and pale. This is however the best, more because it really hydrates and makes the skin supple. This one claims extra whitening cell repair and UV protect. I wear it on my arms and legs after shower and every time I walk out. I don’t know if it whitens but it sure does protect me from sun tan which I absolutely hate to get. Plus the pump really helps!

Orange Foam wash by W2

W2 Orange Foam Wash review

I really love the concept of foam washes as they are so gentle on the skin, and do not dry or make the skin feel stretchy. This one also smells ahh-mazing, like fresh oranges. It is very mild and cleanses skin well. I use it especially when I wake in the morning as it does not suck away all the moisture yet makes my skin feel more alive, shall I say. I love the packaging- it is very light and travel friendly, and has a pump (what more can you ask for, eh?)

Take Ü There- Jack Ü

My brother first introduced this song to me and then it was what I was listening all the time. I love how upbeat it is, plus her voice is a luxury to hear in this.

What is you May favorite?

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