Product Recommendation│Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

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May Recommendation Body Shop Eye Cream

Hello my lovelies!

May Day! I am so excited to write this month’s review because this product has become my confidant. I had a love-hate relationship with the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream; I wanted it to show me result on the usage of first day but the thing with organic products is that you have to be patient with them. It has been a while using this and I love it now. I mean obviously, that’s why I’m recommending it to you.


Product Recommendation The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

It comes in this small plastic tube with a nozzle. It is very handy and you can carry it even in your jeans’ pocket, no one would know (you won’t feel its weight either). When I was at the counter and examining it, it looked like a regular eye cream, just a little pricy, but the sales girl spoke too proudly about this cream and lured me into buying this. I’m glad she did. It is for all skin types and claims to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

The Body Shop Vitam E Eye Cream Swatch

This is a 15ml tube which has a creamy white textured healer inside. You need to apply just a pea size amount so even if it looks like this will finish in about 10 days, believe me it won’t. It is very hydrating and if you didn’t know already, Vitamin E is healthy for skin and trust me your under eye area would adore it. It leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. The dark circle reduction part comes after the 10th day of regular use, and though I don’t have dark circles, my sister is using this cream too and she had prominent under eye darkness which is lightening now. It really is effective on dark circles; you just have to give it time to work.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

It is also a remedy of puffy eyes and I can say that because I own those baggy bastards under the eyes. It did take all the time to show results, but it did nonetheless. The puffiness is reduced to ten folds, but I’d also like to give a little credit to the water that I’m drinking more and more now.


Price: 995INR for 15ml (0.5 US FLOZ)


Light Weight

Can use under makeup


Reduces puffiness and dark circles

Travel Friendly




Takes time to show results

This is magic in that little tube and I would suggest it to all girls who have dark circles or puffiness to try this as well. Of course you can’t only depend on a cream, and have to increase your water intake and adjust your sleeping schedule; this is a good cream nonetheless.

Which eye cream do you like best?

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