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how to achieve a kohl eyes look

Hello my lovelies!

I always thought that you need a real expensive shadow to get the glam on and have dark smoky eye look. It was very recently that I realized that it can be achieved through a kohl pencil and a will to blend, (don’t blame me; I got on the road to beauty quite recently). This is so easy to do and you can increase or sheer the intensity according to your liking, aha!

maybelline colossal kajal and mascara

For this I am using the Maybelline Colossal liner for this and the Colossal Volum express waterproof mascara (you can read the review here). Because you would need kohl liner that would settle for good after good, I think colossal is a better choice. You’ll also need a smudge brush (I usually use the disposable ones).

Kohl eyes simple tutorial

Prep your eyes with a concealer first. It is always wise to do that since you want this to last as long as possible and not bleed away. For this, if you don’t have a particular eyeshadow base/concealer you can use the one that you use for your face, it would work fine.

simple and easy kohl eye look tutorial

Apply the kohl on your lids, touching the base first. We’ll be building this as we go. If you don’t have a specific kohl liner, a regular liner would also work. Just heat its tip with a blower and it would be fine. However, this look is NOT possible with cream liners.

kohl eyes simple and easy tutorial

Take the smudging brush and deal with it like you do with your eyesahdow. A very important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you would have to be quick and leave no time. Kajals like colossal (if you are using that too) dry soon and wouldn’t smudge thereafter. You’ll have to smudge the kohl just as soon as you apply.

simple and easy kohl eyes

Once you have smudged the liner and got the little color, you’ll get an idea of it. You can add more to intensify or let it be, your call. I have added four layer of liner to get this look. Now add the liner at your waterline and Eureka! You just successfully have achieved those intense kohl eyes. Go rock that party, love!

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