Nail Art│French Manicure

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french manicure tutorial

Hello my lovelies!

I have always loved the French manicure and I thought I would do that on my nails for this post. Last time I posted a Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial and from that sparked this. There seems to be some sort of pattern going on here hmm…Nowadays, I am frequently doing my nails as a result of which they are becoming yellow, so this will be the final art till I cure my sickening nails. Anyone suggests any good cream?

Anyhow, I have seen a lot of people going to parlors to get these nails done when in actuality they are so simple and done in a blink. So save those bucks and let’s start with this super easy and elegant French manicured nails!

sally hansen nail manicure

 I have used the Sally Hansen French Manicure kit that comes with a beige polish, a clear coat and a white pen for the tips. You can use any regular white polish for the tips and use tape with it for precision.

step by step french manicure

Start by applying the base coat of the beige nail paint which is a beautiful light pink color. It appears very natural when it dries and that is why I love it so much (I know it’s not very neat in the picture but I fixed that later with a toothpick). Wait for it to dry.

french manicure

Now are the tips! I have used the pen for this so I didn’t put tape on my nails as it comes out pretty accurately. If you are using a regular white polish, then use tape just below the tips to get the color on the exact place. Seal the paint with a clear coat and you’re done. Easy peasy!

Was this not just as simple as making instant food? Tell me what you are sporting on your nails!

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