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colored liner tutorial

Hello my lovelies!

Colored liners are such a rage nowadays; you see them on runways, you see that used by your favorite celeb and all over the internet. Maybelline sent me this Hyperglossy liquid liner in the color Violet Volt to me earlier this month. When I first saw this I was a little too skeptical on how I would match this with any outfit but I found the use the same day. So can we just take a minute to adore the beauty of this liner- it’s pigmented, long lasting, has tiny glitter particles (not too observable though) and just so cool.

Maybelline falsies and hyperglossy colored liner

For this look I have paired the Hyperglossy liner with the Falsies, both by Maybelline. They help create dramatic eyes. I would recommend this combo. I really loved the winged look and I think it would look perfect with colored liner.step by step applying colored liner

The trick is to apply it closest to your lash line and try to make the line as thin as possible. You can see my previous tutorial to know how to create a thin line with liquid liner to get the basic idea. Once you’ve got that, make a line on top of it. You can make the line as thick or thin, according to your liking. Now go on, sunshine, and fill it with your liner.

how to wing colored liquid liner

For the wing part of the story, extend the line out upward from your lash line. Try to follow your bottom lash line upward as this way it will come out right. Then extend a small part from your bottom lash line and make these two meet. This was you’ll get a little triangle.

simple and easy liquid liner tutorial

Fill that triangle and ta-da, there is the wing! Match it with your other eye, which ladies, is the real task.

finished looked with mascara-eye tutorial

Once you’ve done that, apply some mascara and you’re ready to go. Rise and shine!

This was a super easy look and don’t worry if you do not get it right in the first attempt, its practice that will make you perfect. Which color liner do you prefer?

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