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my boy bestfriend

Hello my lovelies!

I feel like writing an essay titled ‘My Bestfriend’, you know the kind which all the 10 years old write? I’m getting that entire fuzzy feel at the moment, aha! This crazy and I have been friends for over two and a half years (wow, can you believe? Though it feels like I have always known you) and ridiculous as we are, I couldn’t have asked for someone better. Pratik and I met in college and from our mutual love of sarcasm, profanities and food our friendship bloomed and has come a long way. We both are totally different person and quite opposite of each other, while I’m more secretive, me-against-everyone, not letting anyone in my world easily, Pratik is a complete opposite by being all YOLO, ‘c’mon everyone, the water’s fine’ and living life every breath. I am more of home and novels, and he is about parties and dancing; I am writing and rock music, he is chilled and EDM tracks (but mostly we share our music with each other); I am in bed by 10PM and weaving stories in my head while he is sleeping at ungodly hours and have tons of crazy stories to tell. We are bestfriends and this all makes our friendship twice as nice. For god sake, he was the first person to give me a Valentine’s card because I had never received one my entire life and in it he has written: So, the 18 year old hiatus is finally over! Here you have your Valentine’s Day card…

He made this card and it is better than any in the market!

He made this card and it is better than any in the market!

With him I have opened up as a person and had little adventures and lots of scooty rides. He would be the first person to know if I’m buying a toothbrush or starting something new. When I’m with others I’m minding my tongue and caring how I look, with him I’m free to say and do what I feel because I know he wouldn’t judge. He motivates me, supports me and makes fun of me and well, that is what friends are for, aren’t they? There are very few people I can say this for and I say it for him that if he calls me at 3 in the morning to bury a body, I would go (p.s Pratik if you decide to do that, let me know so I can erase the evidence from here).#TwiceAsNice

When Garnier asked me if I would like to participate in their recent #TwiceAsNice activity with a blogger friend, I knew he was the one I would do it with. Just like the Neem face wash and the Apricot scrub, are friendship is twice as nice

The Pure Active Range

Garnier Pure Active range

I am always conscious of what I am putting on my face and Garnier has been one company I trust. The Pure Active Range consists of the Neem Face Wash that helps fight pimples and marks, and the Apricot scrub which is for smooth and glowing skin. Pratik also did a similar post (click here to go to his blog) so go check out and give it some love, he’d appreciate it.

Exfoliating Face Scrub (100g for 115INR)

Exfoliating scrub

My favorite is the exfoliating scrubs which is gentle on skin and moisturizing at the same time. It freshen the face, making me feel more awake and refreshed. When I’m home after a heavy day in the sun, this is the first thing I put on my face. It instantly cleans up the face, removes all the dust and that grubby feel. It has a light creamy texture with small beads for exfoliating. They leave the skin feeling so smooth and glowing, I really love it. And that’s not all, it smells like heaven. I really love its light, fruity smell.

Real Neem Face Wash (100g for 90INR)

neem face wash

This is one of the most effective face washes out there, I’m not even joking. It comes with neem and tea tree extracts so you know that it’s good. This has a very mild fragrance of actual neem. It deep cleans the face and I use it before going to bed at night. It has a flowy green texture that you need a small amount of because it lathers well. It is a really good one for the oily skin as it also keeps the bacteria off the bay.



Travel Friendly

Great of oily skin

Deep cleans face

Exfoliating scrub also hydrates the face

Scrub smells wonderful, while the face wash has a very mild passing scent

Leaves face looking supple




Too much of face wash can leave your skin dry

Too much scrub would leave a greasy feeling


Overall, I love both these products and would recommend them. They are great and deep clean the face well, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and energized.

 For more details vist: www.garnier.com

Or Garnier’s official Twitter handle at: @GarnierIndia


Will you try this #TwiceAsNice range?that weird girl official



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