Nail Art│Negative Spaces

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negative space nail art

Hello my lovelies!

I have turned into a crazy nail art fanatic, the kind of weird girl you’ll find drooling over nail paints. While I was doing my last nail art, this idea struck to me and I finally tried it today. Negative spaces are becoming very ‘in’ and if you don’t have this on your nails, you probably want to now. They are super easy to have and super fun to sport.

Nail polishes for negative space nail art

I used white nail polish by Colorèssence but you can do any. I used this primarily because it’s going to be a busy week for me and I wanted nails that would go with every outfit, thus the plain old white! You’ll also need strip nail tape or regular cello tape for covering the area that is supposed to be left untouched.

simple&easy nail art tutorial

Starting with, place the tape in the middle part of your nails. You have to position it such that the final look should also leave you with French manicured tips. Getting me now?

simple negative space nail art tutorial

Now paint all over the nails. Have a snack until it dries. I know this is not the cleanest nail art tutorial on blogosphere but I’ll have that covered with a toothpick and a spirit to scrape the unwanted.

nail art tutorial of negative spaces

Strip the tape carefully as you do not want to chip the base coat. Now go all over and apply a clear coat on top, as you don’t want this to be going anywhere. And you have your negative space nail art. Hurrah!

Are you tempted to try this?that weird girl official



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