Nail Art│Girl’s Day Out

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Nail Art: Girl's day out

Hello my lovelies!

It has been forever since I posted a nail art tutorial and I felt there was a need for one. Keeping aside themed art, this one is really simple & easy and quite quick. I was playing with the colors that Maybelline had sent me and in my quick creative caprice, I did this! I think these two are the combination I would try when I’m feeling peppy and bold. You can do it when you’re going out or having lunch with friends, or watching Tele or whatever, I leave that to you. I am really happy how these turned out to be. So, here’s a simple tutorial for you!

Nail paint - myabelline new york and sally hansen

Burnished Gold (707)│Maybelline

Blazing Blue (706)│Maybelline

Diamond Shine Top and Base coat│Sally Hansen

Toothpick & Tape

nail art

I start by putting strip nail tape on which came with Sally Hansen manicure kit. For this, you can tape your regular cello tape too as that works just fine.

nail art tutorial

Paint a coat of your base color. For this I chose blue as I felt that went really well with my outfit as well as seemed a better option, and also because blue is my all time favorite color. Once you’ve done that, patiently wait, whistle a little (this is optional) and let the paint dry.

nail art design

Gently remove the tape with caution as you do not want to chip off the nail paint, and now you have a neat clear space. You can either leave it like this as it gives a cool negative space nail art or you can go full speed ahead and fill the space. Either way would work! I used partly the brush of the golden polish and partly toothpick to fill the color near the cuticle. You have to be careful while doing this as you do not want to ruin the base paint.

simple and easy nail art

Now just put a clear coat for which I use the Sally Hansen top coat to seal your nail art. And voila, here you have your girly nail art! I really had fun doing this and I would like to know if you like it or which all color combination do you feel go well with each other.

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