What’s in my bag!│Issue #2

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what's in my bag

Hello my lovelies!

I was emptying my bag/satchel yesterday which I take everywhere I go now and I realized I take my world in it, aha! I love ‘what’s in my bag’ posts because the nosy person I am, I love to see what people carry with them. I did a post before as well and if you wish to check out, click hereI thought someone somewhere out there would like to see what I carry with me and so, enjoy this post.

Fullscreen capture 4112015 104023 AM.bmp

This is how my bag usually looks like. It has a zipper at the back, then two inside, a side pocket and loads of space. I really love this because I can carry so much without needing an extra bag, plus the brown texture matches well with every outfit. Win win!

what's in my bag?

Notebook│Tablet│College ID card│ATM card│Bank deposit slip│Coin pouch│Cello tape (I have no idea why) │Sticking notes│Pen

what's in my bag?

Earplugs│Phone│Hair clutcher│Rubber bands│Bobby pins (which don’t even match) │Safety pins│Extra pouch (I just find it cute) │Hair clip│Sun glasses│Lipbalm (really loving this one) │Mascara│Vaseline small tub

I tend to have a habit of stuffing everything in my bag that I might or might not require, for example, cello tape or that small Vaseline tub which I don’t ever remember buying. I’m that person who goes, ‘you never know when there’s an emergency’ and take the load everywhere. But I really have some usefuls, like a notebook that I always carry along, pens which actually do come handy, ATM card because I barely carry cash.

Also, I wanted to mention this Khadi lipbalm that I am using and is really good. It is a tub of grapevine flavored balm and is super moisturizing. I don’t really carry much makeup with me and the only thing I have is my mascara which I love too. I feel this was nothing special but this was what was in my bag.

What do you always carry in your purse?

That Weird Girl Official



6 thoughts on “What’s in my bag!│Issue #2

  1. When you said ‘ I have Bobby pins which dont even match. ‘ i loved it.
    btw love the post such a cute bag u have. 🙂
    loved it..


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