Product Review│Colossal by Maybelline

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Colossal volum express mascara and colossal kajal

Hello my lovelies!

In this month’s New in I mentioned receiving these. Both kohl liner and the mascara compliment each well and they are what I am pairing now. I love how handy and easy to use they are. They are genuinely a must have for every girl out there, just saying!


the colossal kajalThe Colossal Kajal has been in market for a good four years now I think, and it is quite an innovative liner stick. It glides really well and can be used both on the lash line and the water liner. It is also super pigmented and stays put for 7+ hours so there wouldn’t be any touch ups required in this section. Nonetheless, when used on the lash line it tends to smudge but that is because it is a kajal and not a liner.The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof mascara

The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof mascara is a darn good one at doing the lashes and doing them dramatically. When I put this on, it gives the effect of having used false lashes because it lengthens the lashes well. It also gives the lashes appear more voluminous and full. My only turn down is that it doesn’t pump up the lashes that effectively so I have to keep the lash curler handy.



The Colossal Kajal- 199INR

The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof Mascara- 350INR



Pigmented and rich quality

Safe and easy to use

Long Lasting

Travel Friendly




Kajal smudges

Mascara wouldn’t pump lashes so much


Overall, I love the quality you get for the price you pay. These both are wonderful go-to products and I would definitely be repurchasing it.

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