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Natio Young Starter Kit

Hiya my lovelies!

It’s April, finally! Can you believe it? This year is just going past too fast for my liking so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I am struggling to keep up. With my finals’ date sprinting with full speed, I am nowhere close to cover my entire syllabus, thus, my absence from the blog-o-sphere. However, I did pinch out some time to post this month’s recommendation.

Since I decided that March would be my skin care month, I concentrated on skin care products that I talked in a post as well and I avoided cosmetics (wouldn’t say I didn’t buy any though). Last month I purchased Natio’s Starter kit. Natio is an Australian organic brand with lovely range of products and makeup items that are safe and easy to use. When I walked into the store, my aim was to buy just a moisturizer because if you are a teenager too, you’ll know the struggle of finding a moisturizer for your skin is real. I wasn’t looking for a specific one but I had gone through loads before and the last thing I wanted to buy was an ageing or a whitening one, and sigh saying I splurged for nothing.

The sales rep was a genius and I before I knew it I had bought the whole kit which is for oily to combination skin. The kit contains a Moisturizer, Toner and a face wash that specializes in oil control. I like all three and so does my skin.


Wash it off Cleanser (150ml)

Natio Young Starter Kit Oil Control Cleanser

The first is the cleanser. This is a really light, gel like wash and a little goes a long way. It comes in a tube with a tight plastic cap. It makes the skin feel squeaky clean, and the dirt and greasiness easily washes away at once. And like it claims, it blitz away the makeup well. On the back there is a small message that says ‘Will power 24/7: Never go to bed with make-up on’. Love it! However, it can be used by men as well.

Oil Control Toning Lotion (200ml)

Natio Young Starter Kit Toner

Then is the toner which does contain alcohol, I’m warning you. However it is one of the effective ones out there. You can use it after cleansing your face; take a little on the cotton bud and sweep across your face, neck and behind your ears. Be careful around your eyes, you don’t want this to go there. This gives a matte shine which is always great and feels very light on the skin. The toner after cleansing leaves the face feeling ever so fresh and it great to put makeup after. You can use it A.M and P.M but I don’t think that much is required and I personally use it once a day only.

 Oil Free Moisturizer (100ml)Natio Young Starter Kit Moisturizer

The moisturizer is creamy thick in white texture, smelling fresh and lot like lemon. It contains glycerin which is great for skin. I personally feel that it is best to use before bed because it does get greasy and might make the skin feel heavy during the day. However if you have a dry skin you might use it to your benefit and it can be used as a makeup base as well. It leaves the skin hydrated, supple and soft when I wake up in the morning and I just love the feel of my face now. On the back of this tube it says ‘daily commitment phobia: smile and obey your skin’s thirst-morning and evening’. Being an oily, I’ll have to disagree with the morning part though. It’s a great product otherwise.


Price: 1275INR for the Kit


Can be used by any regardless of the gender (I can say this because my brother’s been stealing the cleanser behind my back)

Contains lemon extracts and glycerin

Skin feels fresh

Packaged well

Does what it claims

Best for Oily to Combination skin

Products can be used individually

Works well



The moisturizer isn’t for morning use (for oily skin)

Not travel friendly


Overall, these products were wonderful and my skin obviously feels a lot better than before. I love the moisturizer especially and would definitely repurchase it.

What is your skin care routine?

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