New in│Skin Care x Bath  

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New in│Skin Care x Bath  Hello my lovelies!

In my diary post on Wednesday, I mentioned indulging in a mini haul and thought it was appropriate to put it up. After all, everything that a beauty blogger buys is truly for her blog posts *wink wink*.  I have devoted this month for being the one where everything would be skin care associated; spring and rejuvenated and healthy skin are what I am up to all March. And though I know I might cheat a little and buy a new lippy or foundation, skin care would be the center of my universe’s attention, or so I have decided.

Natio Young Starter Kit

The first thing that I did as soon as I entered the mall was that I barged in the Natio store (it is an Australian herbal brand) and tried to contain my magpie tendencies to only focus on the skin care items. I had previously read about the Young starter kit that is for teenagers and young adults with oily skin and I instantly picked that up and placed the order. It’s been four days and I feel my skin is getting softer and glowing. I will review it soon.

*Price: 1275INR for the moisturizer (100ml), toner (200ml) and face wash (150ml)

L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Makeup Lip and Eye makeup Remover

Next was the L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise makeup remover. This is an oil based one that makes the makeup easily swab down the face easily with a little of this on a cotton ball. It is great for lip and eye-makeup removal but I don’t really like using it on the rest of the face as I have oily skin and this leaves my face greasier. Nonetheless, it is a nice one.

Price: 450INR for 125ml

Avon Naturals Body Care Body and hand lotion

Avon Natural’s Body Care hand and body lotions are one of the most pleasant smelling and moisturizing creams that come this cheap. I love the texture; the milk and honey one is slightly thicker compared to the running consistency of orchid and blueberry lotion. Fragrance wise, the formal smells of honey, caramel and home, while the latter smells fruity sweet, blueberry and a romantic first date. Bless my way of describing scents! But, I’d like to add, it does not say for as long as 30 hours like the bottle says (which is way too much anyway) and lasts for two or so.

*Price: 360INR for two (249INR individually)

Bio Care Mint Scrub

This scrub is divine! I love it a lot and I feel it is the best I have used so far. It has mint extracts and is gel based which is such a boon for all the oily skinned people on Earth. It can be applied directly or on wet face, and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I really like the formulation and the particles are not at all harsh on the skin. Plus the plastic tub bottle looks very similar to nutella, aha!

Price: 180INR for 500ml

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream

You know how some Body Showers are all about the ‘me’ time and have a sweet or seductive scent. Well, this Nivea cream soft shower cream is not that! It is more of a school/college/office scent which is subtle yet very pleasant and lingering, the kind that is not at all overwhelming. It leaves skin feel supple after the bath and I am glad I gave it a try.

Price: 165INR for 200ml

New in│Skin Care x Bath

This was all I got and I am pretty impressed with all these items. Oh and did you notice my awesome sidekick in the background? FYI (you don’t have to know but I’ll tell you anyway) piggy and I have been best of friends for some years now.

Happy Sunday!



The words mentioned with asterix (*) are the special discount prices.

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