Digital Diary│Wednesday

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someday summary-wednesday

Hello my lovelies!

For this post I’m going to stray a bit from the regular ‘diary’ posts that I do and this is just a gist of my day yesterday (which was a Tuesday but since I am writing it today…so, yea…I debated quite a lot though). It wasn’t until I was in the mall with my cousin yesterday that I put this idea in words and finally made something out of it, in heart bullet points ♥ (Basically it’s just my selfies)

Someday summary-wednesday-mall pictureSomeday summary-wednesday-mall pictureSomeday summary-wednesday-SELFIES

♥ I wore the outfit from the post I did a month back that you can see here.

♥ I tried the Bonjouis pot blush and it left me with rashes *sigh* I was too excited to buy it.

♥ I had one smashing day with loads of laughs, selfies and stuff that I will put in a haul post tomorrow (maybe). I later went for a sleepover at my cousin’s which ultimately led to a lot of junk food and a lot of leg pulling. We talked about the cliché of bad boys and their motorcycles.

♥ We ate at our favorite restaurant that I haven’t been in forever and I was getting all the feels.

♥ I am currently writing a new book on wattpad called Conspiracy.

♥ I am really enjoying the song called Wicked Ways by Ben Taylor this week. I love the lines,

‘Don’t you fight it

Don’t knock until you’ve tried it

Show me some skin I might bite it

I wanna have my wicked ways with you’

What have you been upto?




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