Things I’m Loving│Vol. 4

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Thing im loving vol. 4Hello my lovelies!

It’s March already and I can’t believe how quickly the time is whizzing past. Spring time is my all time favorite though. It’s all about starting over, doing something fresh and sort of metamorphing into something new all over again. Though it is still drizzling in Dehradun, I’m not minding that too much as this is the last chance to sunggle deep in the comforter and wearing those striped calf-length fleece socks. I have stocked my cupboard with everything new and things I had never tried before, in the celebration of Spring. Here are a list of five things that I cannot seem to function without, for now. Aha!


photography-beautiful-bird photography-instagramphotography photography-lizardphotography-guinea-pigs

I think for the whole of Feburary I was in high spirits about learning more about photography online and take pictures, and so this month I took pictures than reading a book. Spirit of Spring, I’m calling it. Here are four of the pictures for you to see…(and judge?) And while I’m at it, I will throw this: the lizard one is my favorite. Oh and the last one is a little hazy but the cutest, I feel.

The Body Shop Lipbalm in Cocoa Butter

The Body Shop Lipbalm in Cocoa Butter

I am a massive fan of lipbalms more than lipsticks, though I wouldn’t agree that in a makeup store. Kill me for being a hypocrite! I mentioned buying this in my mini haul last month. I love the chocolate taste that stays put on the lips; it makes lips supple and moisturized, and melts on lips like a dream. It costs somewhere around 300INR.

Master Hi-light blush by Maybelline New York

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in mauve

This is the best blush I have used in all my years being on Earth and I am in no business of denying it. I love it so much for acting not only as a blush but also as highlight and a bronzer. I have it in the color mavue and I think it is the best for my complexion. If you wish to know, I reviewed it here.

Talisman De Chance EDP 100ml by Louis Armand

Talisman De Chance EDP 100ml by Louis Armand

I’m calling this my spring fragrance because it smells so flowery. It has base notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, tonka bean and cedar. I think it smells uber feminine and wonderful, and it has an oh-so-pretty bottle. It is available on Flipkart for half it’s price, and you can check that here.

Try by Colbie Calliat

Now, I would’ve said that Take to Church and FourFive Seconds have been played on repeat by me all month long, but I recently heard Try and it instantly became my song of Spring. I love to the moon and this is going to be on repeat on my phone all month. My favorite lines are at the end of the song

Take your makeup off

Let your hair down

Look into the mirror at yourself

Don’t you like you?

‘Cause I like you?

Are you excited for Spring?




2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving│Vol. 4

  1. Nice piece Apoorva. I think I enjoy the Spring in Los Angeles because of the sunny and mild weather. But, I also enjoy the cool Fall weather. Speaking of, remember to plant good seeds of fortune during the Fall – start new projects or hobbies. It is in the Spring that you reap what you have sown. Those seeds planted will start to bloom. It is those joys that you experience in the Spring which are due to the seeds (thoughts/actions) planted in the Fall.

    Namaste Dear One.

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    • Ah, that was such a lovely and heart-warming comment, thank you for that. Yes, spring and autumn are basically the two season I live for😄 and I love that concept of yours, it’s personally what I believe in myself as well.

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