Product Recommendation│L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster

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L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster product

Hello my lovelies!

I’m going all wild (pun intended) with L’Orèal products lately and I’m in love with them just like a mother is with her child. Gah! For this month, I am recommending the L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster which is an extra black marker eyeliner. I ordered it from Flipkart along with someother products a few weeks ago (you can buy it here) and I have been loving it ever since. Given that I have only ever used either pencil or felt tip liners, it is safe to say that this is the best I have used so far.


L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster product

It is shaped in a form of a black marker and my brother confused it to be one, thankfully I squirreled it away before he could shimmy it  on the paper. It has a thick tip and is great for sort of a bold liner look, however thin lines are also achieved exceptionally well through this. It is very pigmented and dense in color, something I was doubting when I first saw it, and because the fingers grip around it easily, it is rather precise and easy to use.

The one thing that I demand from felt tip liners for the price I pay, is that they dry instantly and stay all day long, and this one gets an A+ for that. It almost lasts a day and does not smudge. Since it is highly pigmented, it gives a liquid liner impression. I believe that Superliner Blackbuster by L’Orèal Paris has all the ethics of a brilliant liner.


Cost: 750INR

L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster product


Very pigmented

Does not smudge or get flakey

Stays for 6+ hours without touch-up

Easy to use

Dries instantly

Solid black in one coat

Gives a neat look

Travel friendly


Thick tip might cause some trouble for some


L’Orèal Paris Superliner Blackbuster product

I know that this isn’t very affordable felt tip liner out there but it is surely one of the best. If you can, I’d suggest you get your hand on this beaut.

Happy Sunday!




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