Product Review│L’Orèal Voluminous Original

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L’Orèal Voluminous Original

Hiya my lovelies!

Yesterday I posted my American Haul and I talked about getting this, and I was keyed up to try it. The pain to wait and take the picture first and then rip open the package to hold this in my hand was real, aha!

L’Orèal Voluminous Original black brown brun fonce

The L’Orèal Paris Voluminous Original mascara is a really good one in brown black (Brun Fonce M102), quite prettily packed in a slender grey body and gorg golden screw cap. I love its plastic applicator stick which has thick bristles, it’s easy to apply and safe for first timers as well. I don’t think its available here yet and I haven’t seen it around in any of the shops too.


L’Orèal Voluminous Original application stick

The mascara stays nicely put but even though I thought it wouldn’t, it does get flakey. I have had this issue with a few other mascaras as well, but the plus point of this one is that it doesn’t make my lash harden like a rock and instead feels rubbery soft and pleasant to touch. Other thing I loved about this was that it is curls the lashes beautifully and gives a dramatic look. It does not smudge however, is not waterproof and is quite easy to remove with water and soap. The color is really pigmented and is more black than brown, or so it appears to come. It is really great for all those who want more lengthy lashes as it builds ‘em up excellently.L’Orèal Voluminous Original

It does clump, I am not going to lie. And it is quite misleading because it does not provide much volume, the only thing that I was really hoping for. As I have said before, I have naturally long but thin lashes and I would really like something that makes my lashes look voluminous and fake lashes are not my refuge.


L’Orèal Voluminous OriginalPrice: $8.95


Curls lashes nicely and holds them

Does not smudge

Lasts long

Nicely pigmented

Softens lashes than hardening them

Long applicator, easy to apply for every eye shape

Travel friendly

L’Orèal Voluminous OriginalCons:

Gets flakey

Does not provide much volume

It gets a bit rubbery

Not available in India

L’Orèal Voluminous Original

Overall, this was a good try. I would only suggest this for first timers (it’s great to experiment with this as it has a nice applicator) or who wants more length would love it. I wouldn’t be going for this again because I didn’t think was much different from the mascaras I already have. And because there is an availability issue…




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