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DIY bracelet

Bracelets have always been my favorite accessory  and I just went bonkers yesterday when I was online browsing through DIYs. These DIYs are some of my favorites and today I am going to list 10 of those that are too beautiful to not try. Making your own bracelets can be just as simple so check out these 10 beautiful bracelets you can make yourself!


1. Neon Wrap Bracelet: This bright bracelet is made exactly how it sounds by wrapping neon thread tightly around rope. Choose a bold, tri-colored design like the one here or if you’re looking for something more modest create a stark black and white pattern.  (via I Spy DIY)


2. Spike Bracelet: This fierce metallic bracelet may seem scary on it’s own, but we say embrace the spikes! Wear it with leather leggings if you want to totally rock out, or pair it with a graphic anchor Tee like this DIY-er did for a cool style contrast. (viaStripes and Sequins)


3. Tulle Studded Bracelets: We used multi-colored tulle as the base for this friendship bracelet instead of the usual embroidery floss. It gives such a fun and flirty feel to this set! (via Brit + Co)


4. Hex Nut Diamond Bracelet: Haven’t you heard that hex nuts are a girl’s best friend? Join these hardware pieces together to create a diamond-shaped pendant that’s oh so chic.  (via Trinkets in Bloom)


5. Heart Friendship Bracelet: When was the last time you showed your bestie some love? Master this heart pattern and  trinket. (via Honestly…WTF)


6. Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet: This beaded ring bracelet is the epitome of simple beauty. It’s understated elegance and a delicate feel makes it a  true statement piece for minimalist style.  Be sure to take a finger-to-wrist hand measurement as you prepare your materials. (via Into Mind)


7. Name and Bow Wire Bracelet: Can you believe the trick to making this personalized name bracelet is starting with a pen and notebook? Draw a path without retracing any one point and then follow those lines with your materials. The result: a gorgeous charm bracelet! (via Born in ‘82)


8. Gold Tube Bracelets: These colorful tube bracelets have dual material personalities: totally adjustable with colorful cord or sturdy and with hearty leather wrap. However you make them, know both will pair perfectly with gold tipped flats. (via Honestly…WTF)


9. Sequin Bracelet: These sequin bracelets are fun, casual, and way faster to make than you may think. Don’t you dare string the sequins on one by one! Save time by pinching a bunch off its strand and carefully place onto your bracelet cord.  (via Honestly…WTF)


10. Chandelier Charm Bracelet: Skip the thrift store the next time you’re in the market for vintage-inspired costume jewelry and make your own pearl petal charms to adorn your chain. For a luxurious final look, layer it on with chunky crystal bracelets. (via Honestly…WTF)

Ah, love them! Which of these would you try?




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