New York Fashion Week 2015│VVB for Thought?

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Hello my lovelies!

The 21st century began with a boom that not only led to the popularization and fortification of LGBT community and Justin Bieber, but also of Fashion. Fashion has been given many definitions since, tagged negative by some and positive by many. It isn’t just a name or a pretty face any longer; it has grown to be something more profound and personal. So as much as it is important to carry the ch-ching clothes and b-bling accessories in vogue, it is also about carrying oneself. We may not admit it, but we all do take the Runway apparels seriously, even if we just have say “I just don’t get why one would wear that!” It’s like they say, you can love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Fashion has undergone many revolutionary modifications and just as you’ll find a girl carrying something unthinkable as a huge pigeon as her head accessory on the runway, you’ll also find something just wearable on the ramp and yesterday in New York Fashion Week, this is exactly what everyone saw.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham is Victoria Beckham’s line and just a warning, it über stylish and too addicting to watch. As a person sitting thousands of miles away from the big apple, I am already obsessed with Posh Beckham’s sexy Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. In one of her backstage interviews she said, “I think I’ve come a long way. I’m really proud of myself and my team.” I, too, am proud of you Victoria!


Her line is very chic and modish, and just what we would love to welcome with open arms, hearts and pockets. She played with majorly black and off-white tones (more subtle than vibrant colors), and as much as it could have been a one sided approach for a specific group of people, in my opinion, this line has to be a winner for every age group and nobody is ‘too young’ or ‘too old’ for it. Her clothes had a sexy twist, falling closer to the body than usual. She used slits and cutouts to bare a little more skin, with fanciful draping, including appealing sarong-like effect from the waist down on some dresses. Upon asking how she would describe her collection post-show, she said, “I love the texture. They’re light as well. It’s very important that, yes, these things look good on the catwalk, but I’m selling clothes in the entire world. I have to take into account the weight of fabrics. So, that bouncy fabric is really nice and wearable.” This is exactly what we want our clothes to be, don’t we? This line is the one where there is something for everyone and if you casually just stroll through it, it might as well have you drooling. Overall, this line is one of the most fashionable and the best work of Victoria Beckham. I am just so proud of this woman!





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