What I wore│Vintage + Colorbar

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vintage dressvintage dressvintage dress vintage dress

Sundress│Vintage Collection
Nail Laquer│Colorbar

Hello my lovelies!

I feel like I have been holding back these pictures for forever now, ah! I was meaning to upload these earlier but then somehow couldn’t. Hey, better late than never. These were taken in 2014, when the sun was up and it was healthy to step out in a sundress. Oh I cannot wait for summers!

You know how you’re supposed pick your makeup according to your clothes? I am kind of opposite; I pick my clothes according to the makeup. Sunny days are my favorite to wear a perfect red lipstick and I feel sundresses make that look more girly. The sundress that I have is a vintage collection that I got a gift from a friend and I really love it. I normally do not wear earrings that huge but a friend said these go well with the dress so this was a last minute add on, aha! Besides, they always look better in photos, don’t you think?





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