What’s in my Bag│Issue #1

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Hiya my lovelies!

every day essential what's in my bag

I have been meaning to do a What’s in my Bag post for quite some time now but then somehow couldn’t, but anyhow here it is! This is the stuff that is generally have in my bag when I am going for a casual walk, market or in general.

every day essential what's in my bag

Fa│Roll On

Tinted Lipbalm│Homemade

Elle 18│Foundation

I feel these are my everyday essentials. The Fa roll on is one thing that has become inseparable and my best friend. It has a sensual lavender scent, just how I like it and is very easy to carry around and use. The next is the homemade tinted lipbalm that I made last month. The Elle 18 Glow Foundation is another favie that is more like a BB cream than a foundation, and it’s great for touch ups. I used this the last time I was out to take an interview and this gave a very subtle no-makeup look.

every day essential what's in my bag

Tablet│Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Phone│Samsung Wave Y


Coin Pouch

You know how most people cannot part with their phone or Band-Aid collection? I can’t part with my tablet, it goes everywhere I go. Almost all my work is done through, my blog post, sarcastic tweets or Facebook page posts are all through this and I have no idea what I’d do without it. My phone, that I feel is more easy to reach when in bag than when it is in the jeans’ pockets. Then is my dairy that I absolutely love; is it only me or are spiral diaries just too magical? And the last thing is my coin pouch that my father gave me a long time back. And just so you know, it has Princess Apoorva written on the bottom.

What’s your favorite in your bag?




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