Guest Post│Clean Them Brushes

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Hi my lovelies! A month back I got a chance of knowing and talking to YouTuber Leyla that goes by the name Beautifulleyla and does beauty, lifestyle and fashion related videos. Well, she agreed to guest blog on That Weird Girl Official and I couldn’t be happier. She is really sweet and such a nice person to talk to and the little time that I have known her I have grown fond of her.

So, I remember Leyla and I were discussing what should go up on my blog and then it suddenly hit me and I said that we should do something on the makeup brushes because frankly, these beauties have not appeared much on my blog. She said, “I am gonna tell you how to clean your make-up brushes, because come on, who wants to apply make-up everyday with a dirty brush? But then again, who got time to wash them? I know, I know, the struggle is real.” Yes, she understands me. She wrote this tutorial and I loved reading it and also enjoyed watching the video (below) that she did on her YouTube channel. Leyla, you are a lifesaver.

Things that you will require to clean your makeup brushes:

– Hair shampoo, doesn’t matter what brand you could just use the one you have at home,

– Water,

– A towel

– And the brushes (of course)

Now that we have everything, so…let’s start!

  1. Wet the brushes a bit with some water.
  1. Then get your shampoo and put a little bit on the palm of your hand, grab your brush and make circles with it through the shampoo.
  1. You are just gonna continue this until you think it’s done, then squeeze the brush, and you will see how dirty it actually was because all the powder (or any type of make-up you used for this brush) will flow out.
  1. Then just wash all the shampoo off the brush, and most of the time I feel like it’s not 100% clean yet so I repeat all the steps one more.
  1. Then I just put all the clean brushes on a towel to dry, and that’s it!

A little tip is to wash your brushes after you’ve put your make-up on in the morning/afternoon, so it can dry most of the day and night. In that way you won’t have to use wet brushes the next morning.

Here’s a video on how to:


I hope this helped you and that you enjoyed this blogpost.




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