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things Im loving

Hello my lovelies!

February, the month of all things sweet and clichéd romance, and a reminder how much my love-life is in the water…but that is not what this post is about (I don’t know why this is even getting a mention). Sooooooo, I’ll cut all the bullshit and whining of how this year is just another without someone to gift me an expensive perfume and foreign chocolate. Here are five things I am celebrating my February with…

Fifty Shades of Gay by Jeffery Self

50 shades of gay

Since the world is scarily anticipating for the 50 shades of Grey movie, I thought I would collect my copy to read it. But instead, I picked up this (and read the original one online and was bored with all the repetitive action, too much biology and very less literature). Fifty shades of gay is a spoof of 50 shades of Grey and I enjoyed it more than the original one. It was hilarious, it was better and the 167 paged novel never got boring. If you can pick up a copy, I’d suggest you read it for the sake of humor and sarcasm it has.

City Color® Cheek Satin


This cheek stain is insane! I got it in my Fab Bag in December in the color Berry, so I am not sure where else you can find it or if it’s available in the market. However, it is a really nice one and absorbs like a natural on the cheeks because of its creamy texture that is easily blended. Even though it is a sample, this will last me for a month or two more. I love it to the moon and back.

Story Time With John

story time with john

This guy owns such a hilarious blog and most of my time on WordPress is spent reading his posts. He is a English teacher living in Korea and his experiences are really worth reading. Go check out his blog!

Little Gold Dress


I am in love with this body lotion by Avon. It has a wonderful fragrance and I feel is great for your night out on Valentine’s Day. I reviewed it yesterday and you can read it here.

Sugar by Maroon 5

Ah, this song is so catchy and fun that it is on repeat now and I’m listening to it in every half an hour. Literally. My favorite lines from the song are:

Your sugar
Yes, please
Won’t you come and put it down on me
I’m right here, ’cause I need
Little love and little sympathy


I want that red velvet
I want that sugar sweet
Don’t let nobody touch it
Unless that somebody’s me

…and there are so many more lines but these are the first to struck my mind. If you get a chance, hear it!

What are the things that you are currently loving?




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