Why Beauty Blogging?

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Hiya my lovelies!

I started blogging this year, October 6th to be precise on blogspot and recently shifted it on WordPress. You have been kind enough to read my blog even though it is still just a baby. So, thank you for that! A lot of my own friends and my family members ask me why I choose to write a beauty blog or how I am writing it when basically it is my mum who has a beautician degree and I am just  a college dropout. Frankly, I do not know.

To be honest, this blog was started on a whim. There was a fashion week in my town and I got to interview a lot of fabulous people in there. It was like something within me stirred and their lives had somehow touched a chord that opened this world to me. I got to talk to the makeup artist and she was kind enough to share her tips with me and I cut it down which is basically my first Blog post (5 Simple Eye Makeup Tips). After this, I took a personal pledge where I decided that everything can just be whatever it has to be but I am going to work on this thing with all my heart and blog daily.

I have had days since the 6th of October, 2014 where I would either be so apathetic that I would sit idly for hours at stretch and still could not come up with the post the next day or days where I would write two posts in the same hour and post them and still have one as a draft that my hands would be itching to post. This was like a NaNoWriMo that my own brain set up and soon I was regularly posting a blog a day, to which I believe people must have thought I have a lot of spare time at hand or I am overdoing it. For a while I believed I was.


Things have changed for me from then (no, I don’t have a brand endorsement, yet) as a person. I did not expect anything to come out of the writing hobby of mine but it has, in intangible ways. I am so thankful to have started That Weird Girl Official because I just discovered how much I anticipate this, writing for you lovely people of the Internet. When some of you leave me private message and say all the sweet thing it literally acts like gasoline to the fire (in a pleasant way). I love you for this and for appreciating things I write.

I have seen and known a lot of talented people out there who write mightily but are scared to post their piece of mind on the Internet. There are a lot of reason for your insecurity and I can understand, at one point in my life I was skeptical as well. Firstly, blogging is like an art, just like any other art that there is in the world. If you are one of those people who want to share their information with others without expecting anything in return, come join this place. Seriously. This is basically a hobby, that does turn out to be a job for some people but that comes in a later stage and it is the last thing to think of as a beginner. What your blog should be is the first thing to decide. Find out what you are most passionate about and want to share with the world; you can write your favorite poem, that article on World Hunger or Stock Market or a Hunger Games Fan Fiction…whatever your heart wants and whatever wouldn’t feel like a burden after a few weeks.

I know when a person blogs, they put ourselves in a critical position of being judged by what they write, just like any artist out there who creates something. Each post to a blogger is like a baby and is personal to  in ways that cannot comprehend. And so once you have your baby with you, it is time for you to introduce it to others. Just like a parent knows about her child’s  capabilities when s/he is in front of others, you will only learn about your blog’s qualities and capabilities when it is out there for people to read. You cannot tell if it is a wise decision or not to post or to not post until you post it and get feedback on it. But above all of this, please, just please don’t doubt your ability.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt

-Sylvia Plath

If you choose beauty blogging, then congratulations, you just opted for the most difficult of blog genre that there is to select from. With almost tens of thousands of blog out there, it will take you a lot more time to get discovered and even more time to get subscribers. However, if you really want to do it, like I always wanted to, then don’t be daunted and start it. You will have to be consistent, creative and innovative to run your blog. Like there is one of the quote that goes something like Beauty blog is not all about product reviews, keep in mind that that is not all your blog has to offer, however that is important as well. I did not realize this when I started blogging so I went market every second day and got a new product with a sole motive to review it. What I realized later was the products that I was choosing were already being reviewed by a lot of bloggers and so why would someone come to read my blog? You have to keep on doing new things, like for example, haul posts, Face/Outfit of the day posts, Easy-to-Do makeup tips or DIYs or whatever new that you can offer in your own unique way. Don’t hesitate to experiment and share; leave me your link and I would love to go through your blog!

Once you are all set and have a blog, then it is time to share it. There are countless communities on Facebook, Google+ and other social medias and you can join them to find a like-minded audience. They will be your readers so keep your best foot forward. Share your blog’s link every chance you get (that does not mean that you have to go about spamming people). There will be some readers that will follow/subscribe to you and then there will be the ones who will open the link just for the sake of it. Frankly, if you have 10 followers, only one would religiously come back to read what you post. Now that one person would also be the one that will spread out the word and be the person actually interested in what you write.

Be patient and let your blog grow. It would not instantly have the number of viewers that you desire but if you be regular and post genuinely then I feel that people would soon find a way to your blog. I blog daily but that is quite a task and I know that not everyone would have time to do it. If you be as regular as posting even twice a week, I think you will have your fair share of viewers in some time. Good Luck and Happy Blogging! 🙂

So this is it! Hope you enjoyed reading it and had fun, and if you have any other question in mind, ask me in the comments box below 🙂




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