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Elle 18 is a great friend for being low on the pocket and gentle on the skin. On the combo kit that I bought, this compact was the one that I received and I liked it enough to write a review on it. T’his glow compact is another product that comes in the Elle 18’s trademark packing and ever so light fragrance.


The packaging is great and the product is really handy. The case is of plastic and you just got to love the mirror on the top. The Glow compact comes in four shade and I have the shade Pearl (wheatish fair complexion). It suits my skin really well, and sits without coming in notice, in short it blends with the complexion really well. It comes with the soft white application pad but I prefer it with brush (though it does get a little dusty)…what do I say, old habits die hard! I just have never liked these complimentary pads to use them.


The thing is, though, that it gives a very light coverage and this wouldn’t do well in covering the dark circles or blemishes department. It is just a light touch up, that is it!


Price: 150INR


Smooth texture

Easy application


Signature Elle 18 fragrance

Easily blended in skin


Very light coverage

Not for under eye dark circles or blemishes


Oh and there’s another thing I wanted to put. Being the major klutz that I am, I dropped this compact and it landed with quite a thud. Now naturally I was expecting to see this beaut in pieces, but it was still one piece and these pictures were taken after that fall. So, I would like to pat Elle 18 for such a strong product!

Which Elle 18 product have you tried recently?





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