Product Review│Elle 18 (+swatches)

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Hello my lovelies!

For a long time I didn’t give into the ‘Color Pops’ hype but I recently bought the Elle 18 lipstick. This is the first time I am using an Elle 18 lipstick and I have to say that I am quite satisfied. The packaging is great with sturdy plastic cap and a girl caricature on the cap which makes it look oh-so-cute!


I got it in the shade Cinnamon Bun (30) and I love it. It is a very light brown that can easily give a nude look. It comes with cocoa butter which moisturize the lips so perfectly that you don’t need a lipbalm before applying this. It also has a slight mild taste, a delicious toffee one and Lord knows how many times I have bit into my lips for the taste.


The color is quite a light one and I love it this way. However, for someone who prefer darker tones, I’d say you skip it. But this one good colour that you should have a go at. It is perfect for college/work and subtle evenings.


Price: 110


Comes with cocoa butter and keeps lips hydrated

Great texture

Sturdy cap


Mild taste


Fades soon, need to reapply


I would recommend this lipstick for the sheer joy and great texture that it has, and don’t forget how affordable it is. I would definitely buy this again.

Which color pop would you like try?




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