How to│Fix Your ‘Boot’ies (suede boots)

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Hello my lovelies!

Winters have its own perks and boots are one must haves for the season. I am quite a boots’ fanatic and this post is a dedication to them. If you are like me, i.e, wearing boots even if you have to walk down a block to get some sugar, then this is what you must read.

Suede boots won my heart last year and now they have permanent place in my shoes’ rack (and my heart of course). As much as they are comfortable and b-e-a-utiful, they are a little hard to manage. With variety of things that can happen to your suede boots (from casual Uggs to stylish heeled ones) who knows what to do! I’ll tell you what to do…just keep up with me.


Suede boots attract dirt pretty fast;brushing them with a suede brush that are easily available in the shoe stores keeps them healthy and dirt free. If you are in a hurry and do not have a suede brush, then brushing them with a tooth brush also does the trick. However this isn’t very advisable as it makes the texture feel rough and unattractive.

Also, when I was getting my first suede boots, I asked the sales’ boy how I was supposed to clean them and he told me to remove the dirt with tape. Take your boots and strip a layer of tape. Pull it out slowly and you’ll see the adhesive in it would stick out all the dust.


If your boots acquired some serious stains of, I don’t know, honey wax or liquor maybe (not judging anyone here), then you need to gear up a little because a simple brush won’t fix it. Mix equal amount of vinegar and water and scrub it with a light hand using the brush. You can stuff some paper inside the shoe so as not to wet it.


The marks that might not easily brush out would be removed by rubbing with an eraser or a piece of crepe rubber. There are also special suede eraser that are available in the market. Just rub the eraser on the mark and then brush it off with the brush.


Apply a coat of suede protector spray on your shoes. This prevents further marks and give a neat look. It also adds to the life of your precious lil’ boots.

So my brave warrior, I hope this post was a tad bit helpful in protecting your boots from the evil dirt, marks and stains.




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