Recent Purchase│Bio Oil x Elle 18

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Hello my lovelies!

I recently bought few things online (succumbing to the forces of discounts). Now, I hadn’t really had anything new in a while now and it wrenched my heart to not buy something now when it was available in a great deal. My order consisted of a Bio Oil, which I had heard very good reviews about and a combo pack of Elle 18, the products that I hadn’t really used before.

The Bio Oil


The Bio Oil came between healthy bubble wrap and in a sturdy 60ml transparent bottle. It actually costs 450INR but I payed 380INR on Nykaa for it. The main reason I bought it was because my face was having patchiness and blemishes lately and this oil (consisting of Rosemary, Calendula and Chamomile oil) looked really promising. Another thing that made me buy it was the tag that this was suitable for sensitive skin, so this hit home for me.

The Elle 18 combo


To be honest, I just bought this in a spirit of trying something new. The Elle 18 combo consits of a foundation (coral), a comapact (pearl), a lip balm (juicy mauve) and a lipstick (cinnamon bun) and came in a beautiful caramel colored carry pouch. I love all the products in that girly packing, making them irresistible. I still have to try the products to see how they suit me. The actual cost of all the products individually (minus the bag) is 520INR but I got it for 299INR. Great deal, eh?

I would be reviewing these products soon!




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