Surviving Acnes with Garnier

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Hello my lovelies!

My skin first broke out when I was 13 and a freshman in high school. It was nothing too serious back then, with all the boys still being under the famous ‘friendzone’ category and girls still asking if I would ask my parents to come to their birthday party where they’d be cutting chocolate truffle and having a clown to entertain us. The real ordeal- age 14, 10th grade and loads of painful acne, both figuratively and literally. That was the time I was cognizant and particular of how I looked. I cut my hair in fringes to cover my forehead that was brimming with zits and got scolded countless times by the teachers, tried every cream that I could buy with the pocket money I would get but nothing worked, washed my face so many times a day and yet the oil still managed to exhibit on my face just when I was in school. In simple, I was very self-conscious and unsure of my appearance, something I was ashamed to admit. But like I was told, your skin is so accustomed to oil that the more you try to keep it dry, the more oil it generates.

Fast forward to today, my skin still breaks out and when I wake up in the morning my face would be glistening with excessive oil. The infamous bad boys that acnes are, are still there as persistent as they have always been. I am a little hesitant when it comes to trying new products but Garnier is one name that my mum herself introduced to me. Garnier is one product that has kept my boat sailing with it’s Pure Active Neem face wash. I would say I have found ways to keep the oily face in check but still haven’t found something that would cure it. However, I do know a few tricks that might help in controlling oil:

  • Dab talcum powder on your face at night before going to bed to wake up oil free in the morning
  • Try to drink as much water as you can and try to lower your alcohol intake and skip junk food
  • Scrub your face at least once a week to unclog the pores of your face
  • Try to avoid soaps at all costs; use face washes once a day. Garnier has a whole range dedicated to us girls who are battling against the crude pimples
  • If you have to use a face pack, buy the ones that have aloe Vera in it. It is really healthy for oily skin
  • Try to steer clear from pollution; use a scarf to protect yourself
  • Do not experiment your skin with different products as oily type is as easy to break out as touch-me-nots are to contact

What is your tip against pimples?




2 thoughts on “Surviving Acnes with Garnier

  1. Thanks alot….your blog always help me…
    But actual couse of pimples and acne is due to sebaceous glands secrets sebum which accumulate, cause growth of bacteria because it is nutritive gets infected and results into the formation of boils and pimples and acne is when sebaceous glands get inflamed due to hormonal influence…..but your blog is very helpful…thanks alot

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