Back to Black│Black rimmed cat eye glasses

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Hello my lovelies!

Now, yesterday was a busy day in all sense. I sat down answering all my e-mails (it did not take much though), read Twelfth Night in bits and did a chore and more. But more than that, I got my new pair of reading glasses. My optician sent me these black rimmed cat eyes’, which of course I am a proud mamma of, but have still to get a hang of.

new black rimmed cat eye reading glasses

I remember day before yesterday when I was in the shop, waiting to get my eye tested, there was this little girl no more than 7 years who was waiting next to me. Her mum had gone first, leaving her handbag with the girl. I could not help but relate when the little girl slyly took out a lipstick from the bag, applied it swiftly and then slipped it in. Ah, children! Later when I was picking up my frame, the little girl was as well and every sample that she was saying, “I look like a grandmother” and I was laughing all the while saying, “Same” as I was trying mine.

Black rimmed cat eye glasses inspiration

These are definitely big for my  face but that’s what I get for letting someone else choosing them for me. They are a subtle cat eye but not really a full look of it.

Be back soon!




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