How To│6 Eye-Makeup Hacks

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Eye makeup is my favorite part and with time I have perfected it (a little), which means both eyes get the same share of eye shadow, liner and mascara without one looking more dominating or funny than other. I will be honest and tell you that this stuff does take a while to perfect and these simple tricks might help you if you are starting out and do not know much. These tricks will set a base for you and help you apply makeup with ease.


Make Sure Your Eyelids are Not greasy

When I first started applying liner, it would soon be fading in a span of an hour and nothing bugged me more than retouching the thing I spent 10 minutes in the morning doing. To avoid this, make sure your eyelids are not greasy. Wipe your eyes clean with a cotton pad to start. After applying the liner, either apply a small amount of compact powder on it or a dust of eyeshadow, but make sure you do not cover your liner.

Also, try to stick to your lash line so that the liner looks natural and accentuate your eyes. However, if you want to a bolder look, then thicken it stroke by stroke to get it equal on both eyes.


For Better Application Always Use a Brush

I have never been good with stick liners and brush have been my  holy grail. I would advise you to use a brush for better application and precision.


Always Apply Mascara From The Roots and Not The Tips

I remember when I first used a mascara I was terrified to take it anywhere close to my eyes and only applied to the tips of lashes, result of which was my lashes did not curve properly and looked clumped and bulky. First, always use a gel mascara and always start from the tip of your lash, gently brushing all the way up.


Choosing Eye Shadow According To Your Eye Color

Always choose your eye shadow according to your eye color. This way you are on a safer side and would know what you suit you best.


Dab Away The Extra With Blotting Paper

If there is just too much liner or just too much eyesahdow on your eyes, dab it with blotting paper or lightly with a tissue rather that washing it with water and smearing everything.


Apply A Bit Eye Shadow On The Ridge Of Your Eyes

To get the more glamorous look and making your eyes look fresh and alive, applying a hit of silver or light colored eyeshadow on the ridge of your eyes near the tear ducts.

Which is your favorite eye makeup technique?




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