How To│5 tricks of applying lipstick

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Hello my lovelies!

I believe that lipstick is as essential to makeup as breathing is to living (I should pen down this quote). However we probably don’t take it as seriously as we take eye-makeup, the precision I mean. Lips are supposed to be accentuated to according to the outfit and I’m putting up my own tricks to help you do so.


  • Sometimes (it’s always with me) when we apply lipstick, we often having a very nasty patch on the side of our lips or on our teeth. To avoid this, use to a lip brush to apply the lipstick. The application is much smoother and precise


  • ‘Line your lips’ is what you have probably heard a lot, it’s time you actually do it. My mum always used a liner and then smudged it on her lips or coated a lipstick over top. This actually makes your lips look more fuller.


  • I often see that people mismatch their makeup. If you are going with heavy eye makeup, it is always advisable to go with nude lips. If you do not wish to have completely nude lips and slightly tinted instead, then applying concealer on your lips and then stroke your lips with your choice of lipstick.


  • I see a lot of girls doing it here in India and it is really a disaster- never use dark liner with light shade lipstick. It’s more of a rule than a tip.  Lips do not look presentable or even compliment of you line your lips in a darker shade.


  • If you are a lipgloss girl then you would know that they do not stick very long and you have to reapply it in every hour an so. To make your gloss stay longer, line your lips with a liner first and then apply lipgloss.

Is there any tip that you know? Share with me in the comment below 🙂




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