DIY│Tinted Lipbalm

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Hello my lovelies!

I was recently going through other peoples’ blogs and I came across a lipbalm tutorial which had me instantly hooked (…because why not?). It was made using nothing more than Vaseline petroleum jelly and lipstick. I was so excited that I knew I had to try it myself!


This wasn’t going turn into a blog post until I was in the middle of my own lipbalm “invention” and thing weren’t turning into my favor. Frankly, I failed more times than Edison showed he did while inventing the bulb, and this is supposed to be a guide so you do not repeat my mistakes.


You’ll need a Vaseline jelly, a lipstick, a bowl in which you’ll melt these things and a container in which you’ll store it.


I did not realize that Vaseline actually burns when placed directly on the stove, so DO NOT think of directly heating the container or microwaving it. Use a deep pot and boil water in it; then put the bowl in the heated water and put Vaseline and a small amount of lipstick in it. (Note: I actually did it separately, but please don’t do that cause my fingers know how much I had to struggle to get the lipstick out which had instantly solidified into the bowl.) I chose a brown lipstick but you can choose whichever color you desire.


Keep the container in a close proximity because your lipbalm will freeze (I’m not joking) in your bowl if you leave it out for as long as a second extra. Directly pour the liquid into the container. And voila! your lipbalm is ready 🙂

Which color lipbalm will you make?




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