Nail Polish Swatches│Colorèssence + Elle 18

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Heya my lovelies!

I recently got new nail paints from the mall (…because there’s a sale and I’m practically saving. Preach!) Lately I have started talking a lot like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic but hey, I really did save…Anyhow!



Sea Green│ Colorèssence
Spring Street│ Colorèssence
Code 70 (orange)│ Elle 18
Code 35│ Elle 18

Colorèssence is one good company when it comes to affordable nail paints with so many color varieties to do Enie-Meni-Meini-Mo from. I picked up these two fabulous shades that cost me 100 INR (50 INR each)


The Sea Green is the color that I had been hunting for ages and this was an instant pick when I saw it. It is rich in tendency with no fumes, which makes this a winner for me. It is sumptuous, dries fast and is one great color for a funky look.


I have fallen in love with this light peach shade- it nicely pigmented and one coat is enough to have the desired color (…unless of course you want to keep on coating). This might not be the best shades for winter, but it is sure enough great for me for giving such a sober yet girly look.

The Elle 18 nail pops are, frankly, a waste of money. These come in a 5ml bottles and cost me 120 INR (60 INR each)


The bright orange shade is only good after two shades and has quite a glossy finish. It however clumps if you apply a coat extra than one (bruh!) and looks really nasty. Plus, I have a feeling that my hands look dull in this shade.


This one isn’t really opacity black and again has to be applied twice, yet clumps and looks horrid until dry. It also takes a hell lot of time to get dry and I feared I might grey my hair if I wait for it a tad bit more. Sarcasm aside, I did not really like it much.

Which is your favorite nail paint shade?




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