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Hello my lovelies!

Before I even begin, Happy New Year loves, I hope this year brings you joy and fulfills your wishes!

Now, since I do product recommendation in the beginning of every month, this month I would be reviewing three products hmm. I recently got these items as sweet New Year presents and well, I really love them and wanted to share it with you all.


The Maybelline Electro Pop in Orange has been fairly new in India. This is a tinted lipbalm with a slight orangish tone. This is very much like the Baby Lips that come and leaves lips moisturized and flavorsome (yum!) If you are in search of good lipbalms, which you should be since the weather is harsh and cold, then invest in this one.

Price: 165 INR


Color show by Maybelline are really affordable nail paints that lasts long and do not solidify in the bottle disgustingly. The shade that I got is a code 015 Nude Skin which is such a lovely color! It makes the nails look very natural yet very flawless.

Price: 85 INR


Lotus Herbals in very much an Indian brand and has a great reputation for being gentle on skin. The Lotus Herbals White Glow range has been a complete winner for me with spot on day and night cream, and of course this deep clean facial foam wash. The Lotus Herbals’ White Glow Deep Clean Facial Foam Wash is an amazing product that would not leave your skin stretchy after the wash, which makes it a complete charmer. It leaves skin really soft and your skin is oil based, you have to buy this!

Price: 185 INR

Which one is it that you would like to try? I would love to know 🙂




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